Zhou dating

25-Oct-2019 19:28

He'd tell JB about Canadian moose, and how cold it gets, even though JB would , because he's from Canada.Henry expects nervousness from Kyuhyun, maybe some stuttering when he meets Zhou Mi.The problem is, Kyuhyun takes the aisle seat next to Henry and spends the first hour of the plane ride pretending he isn't freaking out over meeting Zhou Mi.Ryeowook is too far away to be any help, and when Henry waggles his eyebrows at Siwon, Siwon just smiles back in confusion.-The pictures hit the Internet exactly three minutes and seven seconds after the interview ends. SJM is supposed to spend three months in China promoting their first album.

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What Henry does not expect, however, is for Kyuhyun to take one look at Zhou Mi and start smirking.

It makes the rest of them—Eunhyuk, Sungmin, Ryeowook, Donghae, and especially Siwon—anxious.

No one knows how to react when Kyuhyun shoves Henry aside and takes the seat closest to Zhou Mi."I'm Kyuhyun," Kyuhyun says, extending a hand.

Zhou Mi turns his wide, earnest eyes on Kyuhyun, and Henry prays to all the deities he knows for this to end well.

If Henry tried hard enough, he could probably name all of Zhou Mi's albums, and summarize about five episodes of , the show Zhou Mi MCs.