Why darwin was wrong about dating

24-Dec-2019 13:47

The ghostly influence of intelligent design was even described as affecting scientific rhetoric: “Perhaps haunted by the spectre of intelligent design, evolutionary biologists wish to show a united front to those hostile to science.”[1] Some secular scholars even went further, arguing that the philosophical foundation of .This slender blast, with just 126 pages of text, unleashed a firestorm as it addressed the nagging mystery of the origin of life, along with rise of cognition and consciousness itself.The book’s subtitle was deliberately shocking: “Why the Neo-Darwinist Materialist Conception of Nature Is Almost Certainly False.” Adding insult to that injury, Nagel proposed that to explain the rise of both life and mental phenomena, we must conceptualize the universe in a new way–as having a, which exists alongside the material aspect.In effect, he was trying to propel science into a fundamentally altered pathway of investigation.As the conflict grew wider and more intense, it seemed best to catalogue this second phase of IDT’s history with a separate volume.That happened in 2006 with the publication of my sequel, “Darwin Strikes Back: Defending the Science of Intelligent Design” (Baker 2006), still available in a kindle edition.After 2003, when this book was first released, rhetorical assaults on intelligent design became loud and vehement.

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In its pure essence, IDT grants to science the astonishing role of detecting, or inferring, the reality of a higher realm of Mind.

Now, in 2016, it may very well be a good time for a “third volume” to cover the past decade, with the flow of both continued hostility, but also positive results from laboratory tests by the Biologic Institute, and other science centers, which robustly support the predictions of design theory.

A string of stunning discoveries, including the worlds of RNA genes, epigenetics, and orphan genes, have fundamentally altered the landscape.

Also, the collapse of the “junk DNA” picture of our cell has an enormous implication for the Darwin-design debate.

(See below under the “Art of Being Shocked.”) But before that new volume is penned, it is a perfect time, some thirty years after IDT’s founding, to reexamine its momentous launch, emphasizing the first 18 years of development (1985 to 2003) which is the focus of this book.Clearly, this move grew out of his deep grasp of where the evidence was trending, that a paradigm shift away from neo-Darwinism was underway and nearing a critical point.

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