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19-Jun-2020 05:57

Donatacci made allegations about Grammer’s capabilities in the bedroom, and that he was a cross-dresser.

While he denied the cross-dressing part, Grammer declared that he was sexually adventurous.

I was like: ‘OK, that’s not enough.’ Four minutes later, we passed an art store called Crane and a few moments later, we drove past the hotel where he was staying.”That was all Walsh needed to meet up with him for a coffee.

Walsh was on the fence about dating Grammer knowing the actor was married to Donatacci.

Grammer admitted that he didn’t serve the divorce papers until 2010.

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But he had an affair with Kayte Walsh during their marriage, and they married soon after his divorce with Donatacci was finalized.So, when he invited her to where he was staying, she asked for a divine confirmation.“I said: ‘God, if I’m meant to call him, I want a sign.