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Ultimately, his inability to exercise any semblance of self-control leaves even Danny wondering if his marriage is in serious trouble.

Danny's past behavior has forced Gretchen to build a self-defending, emotional "wall" around herself that prevents the two from recovering any of the deep intimacy from the early days of their marriage.

He also makes periodic attempts to save his crumbling marriage by attending couple's counseling with his wife, Gretchen (who, over the course of the series, evolves from being Danny's constant enabler/excuse-maker, to filing for divorce after Bonaduce's dangerous antics finally push her too far).

In the United Kingdom, the series is known as My Reality TV Breakdown.

When we last saw Danny, he was storming away from a couples exercise and threatening to leave rehab.

Danny doesn't want to be at rehab, and if Gretchen isn't going to trust him regardless of what he does, why stay?

Breaking Bonaduce is an American reality television series that aired on VH1, focusing on former child-actor Danny Bonaduce, and how his (then-) increasingly unstable lifestyle impacted his then-wife, Gretchen, and their two children.

The series premiered in September 2005 and ended in December 2006.

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After several hours of erratic and violent behavior, Danny eventually breaks down in tears, confessing that he's completely lost control of his mind and life.

Things appear to be on the mend in the Bonaduce household, as the family is functioning normally once again. Danny has plunged himself head-first into physical fitness, nutritional supplements, and body sculpting as a 'positive' substitute for his propensity toward destructive behaviors/substances. However, Danny finds himself falling back into old urges and habits.

By taking on clients who are exclusively young, pretty women—and, experimenting with anabolic steroids to maximize his physique—Danny is once again showing an inability to get out of his own way. Garry, long to realize that Danny has a major problem with anger-control.

Gretchen begs him to stay for the sake of their marriage.

Her reinforcement of their commitment sparks a change in Danny.

The series focused on the problems and events that had led Bonaduce, speaking retrospectively, to consider his life a "car crash".