Usps parcel post tracking not updating

29-Feb-2020 08:02

Basically, tracking info isn’t actually the result of an actual scan of the bar code on a piece of mail — the records are system generated, Zack says.

“These are events that the system should have happened at a certain time,” Zack explains, regardless of whether it’s actually happened.

He’s tried that, too — he filed an official complaint with the postal service as well as with the USPS inspector general, but neither resulted in a response.

We’ve reached out to USPS to find out how and why this happens, and what consumers should do in a similar situation when all complaints have apparently reached deaf ears, but we have yet to hear back as of this posting. In the meantime, there doesn’t seem to be much Tony can do, other than continuing to remain vigilant for invisible mail carriers attempting to deliver invisible packages.

As such, we do not condone this behavior and have taken steps to properly address it with employees.

Our Consumer Affairs Office is following up with the customer and apologizing personally for the situation.

If you feel like your international package may be missing, you can always file a missing mail search with USPS.

Generally speaking, we recommend waiting up to 30 business days before you file a missing mail search for any international packages.

Our improved tracking system has up to 11 scans so you can receive more information on your priority shipments.Tony put together a video chronicling his recent frustrating experience waiting for a package to get delivered, but here’s what happened if you don’t feel like watching: He waited at home all day for a package last Friday, finally leaving his home at to get dinner.