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01-Nov-2020 09:20

If you have 50 guests, you will need 300 wine glasses for the evening. Cover the tables with crisp linens and display cards with the night's wine list and dinner menu as part of each table setting.

You may need to buy an extra case or two of glasses, but they are cheap and you can use them in your next restaurant wine tasting. Perhaps incorporate wine bottles or grapes into centerpieces.

When you add a Favorite or Rate a wine highly, we know you&Close Curly Quote;ll want to taste it again – especially if it goes on sale.

By updating your Wine Preferences, we&Close Curly Quote;ll know exactly the kinds of wines you love (or don&Close Curly Quote;t) and can tailor offers and special cases to your tastes.

Once you have selected wines for your restaurant wine tasting dinner, you need to choose dishes that compliment each wine.You don’t need to do an extreme makeover, just adding a few touches to the dining room will suffice.Go over the routine for the night, step by step with both servers and kitchen staff.Along with a stellar social media campaign, you can also advertise in-house with table tents and menu inserts to alert your regular customers of the wine tasting.

You can sell tickets or take reservations, or both.Sorry, but we are unable to display your recommended wines.