Updating tomtom xl with lane guidance

31-May-2020 15:20

Tom Tom info on SD cards: (this info is based on the original configuration) "My SD Card does not work": You did buy a class 6 card, didn't you? You also need a recent bootloader (comes with a recent navcore).

Some problems on the SD card make the TT refusing it. See the Tom Tom site for details: These tools do not fix all problems.

A safe mode to start with is the native mode ('ori'): a navcore for GOx50 on a GOx20, running in x20 mode (colors, icons, etc.). If you use a Tom Tom file that has 'system' in it: remove it. The fixed flash in your TT is limited to 0/512/1024/2048/4096MB, depending on the model (GO700 & GO910 models have a real hard-disk on board). The navcore takes about 100MB, 220MB if you use computer-voices etc.

This is generally more successful than running in other modes (x40/x50). In general, do not update your bootloader unless you know what you are doing. The size of your map is slightly larger than the download size.

Know that all models within one range are almost identical, e.g.

GOx30: 530, 730 & 930 are almost the same: the differences are flash size and EPT in the 930 (the GO630 is the odd one out). The GOx50 is like GOx40 (and the GO9000), the most most noticeable differences are FM & MP3, which are left out in the x50. The One series has differences within the series, as well as the XL series. ": TTuser makes hacked versions of the different navcores for special needs.

"How to add the latest postcodes database" Tom Tom Home doesn't download the postcodes file automatically, so if you are starting from scratch with an SE Navcore, or your device is only accepting 3 character postcodes, see this FAQ for a download link and instructions: and extract to produce a new "zip" fiolder.Add these two values, add 3%, and you have the minimum storage need.