Updating roster on madden 09

11-Mar-2020 01:09

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Evening, There's been a lot of discussion around rosters and patches so i wanted to go ahead and post an update.Rosters For those that manged to get an early copy, you may have noticed that a roster update was recently made available.Patch Yes, I'm finally going to discuss the state and details of the patch. Yes we submitted a patch to MS and Sony about a week ago.They are currently going through certification and all indications point to them going live some time next week.Sometimes some extra time is needed and the roster releases on Friday (for example, week 1).Will you be releasing a spreadsheet of weekly changes?I was on the verge last night aftrer i had typed out a rather large post that suggested this exact same idea of mine for you madden dev's to looking into..

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Phil Though it's great to hear good news about Madden 09, I can't help but feel excitement for the future of the Madden franchise w/ all this community interaction going on . Amplify the field degredation effect (the system is currently working but is hidden by some of our late added post effects) 4.Will more Practice Squad players be added such as players like Marcus Kemp of Chiefs? How long does it take to make a roster update and is it a different process both systems?

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