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Restart the system normally after the update is complete.With Windows 9x/Me, you can use MSConfig (System Configuration Utility), choose Selective Startup and uncheck Load Startup Group items and Process Win. After completing the firmware update, be sure to rerun MSConfig and choose Normal startup before restarting the computer.Generally speaking, the firmware update procedure works like this (but you should be sure to follow the particular instructions given for your drive): If you have problems performing a rewriteable drive firmware update, check the vendors Readme file or website for help. If the firmware update fails to complete, there might be interference from programs that control the drive such as packet-writing programs (In CD, Direct CD) or the built-in Windows XP CD writing feature.To disable resident software, restart the computer in Safe Mode (Windows 2000/XP) and retry the update.You can use the Windows Device Manager (Windows 9x/Me) or CD/DVD Mastering Software Drive Information to determine this information.With the Windows 9x/Me Device Manager, follow this procedure: Once you have this information, you can go to your rewriteable drive vendors website and see if a firmware update is available, and what the benefits of installing the latest version would be.

Microsoft Knowledge Base article 320174 discusses an update to the CD writing feature. Before you can determine if you need a firmware update for your rewriteable drive, you need to know your drive model and what firmware version its using.

To ensure that Real Player recognizes the drive you want to use: 1. The best way to do this is through the Device Manager: a.

Only have a disc in the drive you want to use for burning. Make sure the DVD disc is loaded before selecting the drive (and that autoplay has been closed if autoplay is active). After unplugging an external drive, be sure to select the drive to replace the unplugged drive in Advanced Burning Options in the "Video Burning Options" window and wait for the new drive selection to populate the "Write Speed" associated with that drive before clicking Save. Try playing a DVD in the drive to get Real Player to recognize the drive. If Real Player still does not recognize the drive, close and restart Real Player.

Firmware updates dont fix the following problems: Because each rewriteable CD or DVD drive has special characteristics, CD or DVD writing programs you buy at retail must have model-specific updates to work.

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Get them from the software vendor (see the list of major vendors at the end of this article), or use the software provided with the drive. You may also want to try updating the firmware for the burner. If none of the steps above have solved the issue, uninstall and reinstall Real Player.