Updating elementary school interiors

23-Jul-2020 01:09

updating elementary school interiors-20

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For students: The main office will be on the “opposite” side of the hall.

The school psychologist and social worker will move from across the gym to what is now the main office.

Students Explore the Galapagos Islands Using RSU #34's Virtual Reality Goggles in the New Alton Elementary Makerspace.

Using the goggles, classes can take trips to the deep space, the deep ocean, and hundreds of sites on earth!

Alucobond® Aluminum Composite Material (ACM) was selected as cladding for exterior canopies, soffits and fasciae as well as for both exterior and interior column elements.

RSU #34 solicited feedback while the program budgets were developed in parallel with the overall RSU budget this winter and spring, and is accepting final public comment on the ESEA application through July 19th, 2019.

To read the application, ask questions, and provide comment about the application's goals and priorities please contact Dr. With the students off to their summer adventures, preparation for the next school begins in earnest!

This 3,750 SF addition adds a Hands-On Lab to the 3-strand elementary school and implements 21st-century educational improvements to the entire facility.

Interior updates to the Main Lobby and Media Center with new furniture improves the utilization of these areas of the school.Educators from all of our schools are engaged in workshops, curriculum planning, assessment revisions, and more!