Teenage wiccan dating

29-Oct-2020 02:37

For Myche (pronounced Mike), a 15-year-old ex-Catholic, now a Wiccan, who lives near Salem, Mass., Wicca's attraction seems to be based on emotion. I felt drawn to Salem, and I knew I had been connected to the things going on there, somehow," he writes.

"One contributing factor that induced my change in religion," Myche writes on his Web site, "was that it seemed as though the more religious I became, the worse my life did. "This wasn't the first time I felt a psychic impulse.

Several colleges, including at least one Catholic college, offer courses on witchcraft, according to a survey compiled by the Young America's Foundation.

And a major computer search engine reveals thousands of Web sites dealing with Wicca and teens.

He grew interested in tarot cards, then began exploring Wicca and other pagan religions online.

After spending five years building an Internet forum for these religions and serving as chairman of the Pagan Leadership Conference, a powerful conversion experience led him to the Catholic Church.

A writer who identifies herself as Britt says: "I was talking to my friend Dave... Kids run the risk of actually having manifestations of evil spirits, being harassed or bothered by evil spirits.

A review of Web pages for teen Wiccans suggests that its attractiveness lies primarily in its emphasis on feelings, power and freedom.

Wiccans usually believe that the goal of human life is to live in harmony with nature, that all of reality is divine, that the spiritual and material world are one reality, that there is no one true right or only way, that there is a plurality within the divine oneness, and that ritual practice is the witch's path to harmony.

Practitioners live by one moral law called the "rede," which says, "As long as it harms no one, do what thou wilt." Wicca, a neo-pagan form of witchcraft, isn't Satanism.

Some women find Wicca's focus on goddess worship very appealing.

On one Web site, someone who identifies herself only as Artemis Silveraven, writes: "There are many things I love about Wicca. As well you are able to be your own priest/priestess." Father Paul Desmarais, pastor of Sacred Heart Church in Pawtucket, R.

But then they hear the stories about what's going on, and they go, 'Oh, wow.'" John Gibson adds that the more deeply involved someone gets in the occult, the more enticing it appears to that person.

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