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This field is a string value that presents the telephone number in a format typical for the agency's service area.

It can and should contain punctuation marks to group the digits of the number.

A departure time must be specified for the first and the last stop in a trip, even if the vehicle does not allow boarding at the last stop.

The following are valid values for this field: Indicates whether riders are dropped off at a stop as part of the normal schedule or whether a dropoff at the stop is unavailable.There are also helpful online tools to help you choose contrasting colors, such as the Color Contrast Check application.Contains the text that appears on signage that identifies the trip's destination to riders.Stops, stations, and station entrances are collectively referred to as locations. Contains some short text or a number that uniquely identifies the stop for riders.

Stop codes are often used in phone-based transit information systems or printed on stop signage to make it easier for riders to get information for a particular stop. Don't include words like "platform" or "track" or the feed's language-specific equivalent.

This document uses the term "agency" in place of "brand." A transit feed can represent data from more than one agency.