Sims 3 dating your boss

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These include “Flirtatious Joke,” “Hold Hands” and “Shy Kiss.” After the object of your affections thinks you’re being “Alluring,” you can advance to more seductive options like “Massage,” “Confess Attraction” and “First Kiss.” Interact regularly.

The longer you leave a relationship on the Sims 3, the more it will decay.

Click “Debug,” and then click “Force Twins” to double the mother's load.

Married Sims who are just starting out may find themselves facing money problems.

wiki How is a “wiki,” similar to Wikipedia, which means that many of our articles are co-written by multiple authors. The simplest scenario is one male and one female Sim, but any Sim in the young adult stage or older can find a way to get a child.

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As a Sim family progresses, the desire to have a child will grow.

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If you’re caught flirting (or worse) with another Sim, this can lead to anything from a minor setback in the relationship (for flirting with another Sim) to complete obliteration of the bond (if you “Make Out” or “Woohoo” with another Sim).Build up to being “Irresistible.” Continue with your romantic interactions until the desired Sim sees you as “Irresistible” (you can see the status in the top left of the screen).