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They cross a beautiful antique bridge segregating the aficionados of the Gay Tea Cup ride from the fanatics of the Gay Gravity Drop ride when suddenly they are stoned to death by the parks maintenance workers, who having received a sudden and unexpected pay hike, assumed the mentality of violent cretins which the pay raise would have eventually endowed them with.

A small young girl, wearing clear plastic shoes and a flowery dress witnessed the stoning.

Incidentally, I am starting to fear Jay Lenos chin Im always left with a sick, queasy, unrest in my gut and my only reprieve is consuming multiple containers of Jello Pudding Cups from Costco. Its not that I am a sport fishing advocate as much as I like to see fish suffer and die at the hand of RED-BLOODED AMERICAN SPORTSMEN.

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A dream: Barry Manilow and Woodrow Wilson are walking hand-in-hand in an all-gay, state-of-the-art theme park for the dill pickle industry.I mentioned the proposed subtitle, Rosemary Does Reno and other cities beginning with R, but this still failed to elicit a positive response on her part. There will be an even bigger meeting tonight, which is actually a pre-meeting for the pre-meeting to discuss the meeting next week about the meeting which we held last Tuesday to prepare the new interns for the meeting which we are having tonight.