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Spray whipped cream (or any other food) all over someone in the group and eat it off of them 41. Masturbate in front of the group (or just your partner) 43. Take off your partner’s bra (or nearest woman’s) using only your teeth 52. Pull up your favourite porn site your phone right now.{ 54. Give head to the person next to you for 2 full songs 58. Let your partner rub your inner thighs, but don’t let yourself get hard 60. You must do everything the group says to do for 10 minutes 61. [Read: How to romance and turn a girl on with tricky touches and words] 32. With no bottoms, spoon your partner until the next round 38. Take and ice cube and run it up and down your partner’s body until it is melted 40. Make love with your partner for 3 minutes only (must stop after 3 minutes) 51. Put a hickey on the inner thigh of the person to your left 57.And if you're chatting with someone over text, Snap Chat, Skype, or Face Time, I've also got you covered.Remember that these are just suggestions—use them to inspire your own fun! Who is the last person you undressed in your thoughts? Have you ever seen anybody naked apart from your girlfriend/boyfriend? If you wake up as an opposite sex tomorrow, what dirty thing would you do for the day? Have you ever been attracted to someone you know is actually ugly?

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Where is the most public place you’ve ever had sex? Go in the next room and make a sex video with your partner for 5 minutes 47. Doing whatever they say to do for the next 15 minutes. Go blindfolded into the closet, undress, and redress with items only available in that same closet. Blindfold yourself, Spin around for ten seconds, whoever you are pointing to at the end, go in the next room and enjoy 7 minutes of heaven 44. Take a naked selfie and send it to your partner 46. You must act like the sex slave to the person to your right. Put your hand down your partner’s pants until the next round 35.

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Kiss your partner all around their “down-low” area (not the actual part tough) 34.

The players may decide if there were will be limited or unlimited amount of truths for each player.

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