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The years codes start with the first motor of whatever sort, that was made.Obviously the FV and FVP ceased in about 1953, the LS in ! Strangely the LS and the SJP overlapped for 2 years..For instance in 1933 the numbers appear to run backwards, or should 300 be 800?In 1934 the Super model OF the use of a ')' symbol appears.The Marston Seagulls start here:- Below the letters and numbers for the Little Forty models.the 'F' was used, have seen one now and also there was an 'LM'. My grateful thanks to Ian for the time taken in sorting this out and donating it to the site for all to read.AA3 = January 1973, BB3 = February 1973, and MM3 = December 1973.Therefore identification of a model and date of manufacture can be found as follows: WSPCL 1734 BB3.

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the engine was suffixed with a 'T' and a bent bracket fixed to the crankcase, to pivot the tiller on. I have found several of these now and had a dozen or more reported to me, but recently I turned up another upside down 'M' so you have to look carefuly!

John SOS In 1980 Electronic ignitions were installed, engines having the E prefix from that date.

In the numbers below, for early years, some of the numbers do not appear to make sense.

The above table is still not 100% as the letters N were not used every year, December being M, so one can assume another letter was used somewhere.

As it was not supposed to be 'L', that only leaves 'I'.

John SOS From 1963 a letter and number code is used at the end of the engine number to denote the month and year of manufacture.

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