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It was there that I was able to overcome the harsh words from that teacher so long ago.

I graduated from Penn State with degrees in Integrative Arts and Theatre with a minor in music technology (take that third grade teacher! During my studies a passion for the paranormal grew.

Among other subjects, Buell discusses his bisexuality and his struggle to reconcile his sexual orientation with Catholicism, the faith with which he was raised.

"I've decided to share my sexuality and struggle over faith in hopes that others will no longer feel as though they are alone or that they can't be religious." Buell's friend and collaborator on Paranormal State, Chip Coffey, claimed that the ticket sales had exceeded ,000, and that while he had been in charge of helping plan the shows, he learned that Buell had not actually booked any of them.

He was the executive producer for the feature film American Ghost Hunter, released in 2010.

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He was extradited back to Pennsylvania and charged with two third-degree felonies for theft of leased property and receiving stolen property, and one misdemeanor for theft of services.

Below is a long testimony from a former client of the PRS team.

Kirby Robinson has brought it upon himself to expose the show and it’s staff.

“Real Fear” is Chiller’s number one original program to date.

I also hosted the follow up special “Real Fear: The Truth behind More Movies” in 2013.They meticulously wrote an open letter to announce their shenanigans. This is what we here at Ghost Theory have been saying all along… Every scene is cleverly edited, every evidence they put forth is questionable.