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An Essay by Captain Paul Watson The human species may not be the paragon of animals as Hamlet so eloquently described to us.

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I have often heard lectures and read articles on the art of early humans.Homo neanderthalensis is an example of a species that possessed both technology and media communication.This tool-maker created haunting images of its experiences and environment.They have exhibited discriminatory behavior in their dealings with us, treating us not like seals fit for prey but as curious objects to be observed and to be treated with caution.

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They can see beyond to the manifest technological power that we have harnessed, and they can adjust their behavior accordingly. The interpretation of behavior remains subject to the bias of the observer; one observer can classify behavior as intelligent, and a second observer will dismiss the same behavior as instinctive.Some Neanderthal tools, artifacts, and cave art from the Chatelperonian period have survived and remind us that we are not the only species capable of material artistic expression.

One of the more surprising findings was that while married men are by far the happiest in Britain, the least content men were single, who are a full 10 per cent less positive – and this was especially true of those aged 18 to 29. You can go on Tinder dates every single night of the week. We order clothes on ASOS and we order sex on Tinder. But it’s leaving many men feeling empty and unfulfilled." These men's experiences come as figures also suggest that half of singletons in Britain have NEVER asked someone on a date face to face.… continue reading »

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