Redmine git repository not updating

13-Dec-2019 18:51

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I'm kind of beginning to think that this was probably completely unrelated to this plugin.

I checked the server's VLM and the only odd thing is that around the same time, both nights (when it broke, and when it worked) Fedora had run pcscd the Smart Card reader at the exact same time. That seems unlikely to have caused this problem, but who knows...

As a Rubyist, you are probably using Git for the most of your Ruby/Rails projects and chances are you'd like to have Redmine synchronized with your Git repositories.

Configuring a Git repository with Redmine it's really straightforward but if you come from the Subversion world, there are a couple of things you need to know to better understand how Redmine interacts with remote repositories.

I still get the gl-setup Command not found error, and I guess this is just because the path to gl-setup is not in the apache user's PATH.

Also, the fetch_changesets cronjob I guess runs fine since our operation is pretty small, but you're saying once our repositories get adequately large and the operation takes longer, I may start running into problems?

If your configuration is correct, the page should display the most recent repository commits.

If you have used Redmine with Subversion before, you probably noticed that Redmine automatically fetches the latest commits each time you visit the Repository section.

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For example, new users in the Redmine application will also be able to “push” changes to the Git project repository.

Basically, when you open the Repository page, Redmine contacts the remote SVN repository and asks for the latest revision number.