Real cam living room

13-Apr-2020 03:28

Her band mates, Doug Showalter (guitar & backing vox), Anders Mouridsen (guitar & backing vox), and Alex Balderston (bass), are all exceptional musicians. Shortly after we recorded this session, Cam released her debut album “Untamed”.

A breakthrough success, it got her signed to Arista Records, a sub-label of Sony Music Entertainment.

I set up a mobile recording rig and a handful of (mostly) ribbon mics to record the band and Cam.

There was also no PA, which certainly helped get a clean recording.

This recording is not at all as polished as some of Cam’s major label recordings.

Instead it’s a testament of her raw talent in a strictly acoustic setting.

While all the focus is on what the Echo Spot looks like, it’s important to remember that Amazon is using the Spot as a very clever way of making you comfortable with having a camera in your bedroom.

It’s also a camera that will probably be pointing directly at your bed.But cleanliness wasn’t really what we were going for anyway.