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15-Jul-2020 18:52

You do something on-screen that most people cannot do that are in the same arena as you. I believe you have it in you to be a mega star on-screen, you just need the right movie role. He sings from the heart and I can feel it in his songs, I think that is very important as an artist. its like u r careless but doing each and every thing in a good way lover boy... love, Selvi congratulation rain your drama "diamond lover" has reached 1.8 billion views in china and rating are going good as well. rain I hope all drama and movies you do become successful like diamond lover and ninja assassin.I'm sure Bi is probably exhausted from the Squall concerts but I can't wait to see what you have in stored for 2016. I pray for all your success in all ur albums, drama, movies, etc... CLOUD FOREVER hi your My Lovely Girl is still shown here in the Philippines and it will end this coming friday june 19 and its the first experience watching YOU in a TV... May both of you have beautiful, smart, God fearing, loving and charming kiddos. You were a great influence to me for appreciating kdramas and kpop. Jung Ji Hoon I've watched all your dramas I'm a big fan since Full House. The Best Korean Actor/Singer/Dancer/Performer ever!! Iloveyou Big Rain is my all around favorite performer. Whether you read this post or not, I just want to sat "thank You!

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Not that the young lady couldn't act, just needed someone more mature..an actress that could convey it sincerely, which was missed a lot in that drama....someone like Gianna Jun (actress from The Thieves, Berlin Files, Love From Another Star) Aside from that, I feel that you did a lot of work to carry the script, which wasn't well thought out toward the end.He is such a great singer, dancer and actor and so humble guy! Now I'm watching "My lovely girl", and I've fallen for him! I've heard of the name 'RAIN' before sometime in 2007 or was it 2008 when he was visiting Malaysia. But i didn't gave him even a glance back then though fans were screaming their lungs out. This must be the 'rain' I met when i got hooked with the drama 'my lovely girl'. The first time I saw him in the drama My lovely girl.