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I’m also probably telling a little bit of what it means to be behind the scenes. That time felt like they’re kind of in a liberation, a challenging of the status quo. There was a kind of beauty in the fight for change.

If I walked on set and one of my doubles was getting into a fight with one of our leads, I would definitely be concerned and I would probably not have a problem putting my foot down. I reckon it’s also a matter of Cliff having that kind of character where he doesn’t really care if other people like him or don’t like him, agree with him or disagree with him. It’s one of those things that came up when he was talking about Cliff: It’d be easy to write him off as kind of slick, maybe not that talented, over-the-hill, whatever it is.

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Zoe began doing stunts for Hercules: The Legendary Journeys and Xena: Warrior Princess, (both of which were filmed in New Zealand) and by the fourth season of Xena she was the stunt double for Lucy Lawless.

Bell had to learn to fight in the wushu style; this required her to consciously stop mimicking the physical mannerisms of Lucy Lawless.

Near the end of filming for Kill Bill: Volume 2, she injured her ribs and the ligaments in her wrist while simulating being thrown backwards by a shotgun blast.

Rick is trying to get Cliff a job on a movie set, but the stunt coordinator Randy (Kurt Russell) says he can’t hire the guy.

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Randy’s wife, Janet, hates him; doesn’t matter what Randy says, Janet thinks Cliff killed his wife.

She fractured vertebrae in her back doing wire work on the show, but continued working for a week until another stunt in which a breakaway chair was smashed on her back incapacitated her.