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15-Jul-2020 17:09

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However, the truth of the symbol as a representation of evil is much to do with how different groups use it than it being evil in of itself.In some Wiccan circles for example, the inverted pentagram and indeed goat symbolism are closely linked to the Horned God – such as Pan, Hermes and the energies of the wild masculine.An upside-down pentagram is usually referred to as being ‘reversed’ or ‘inverted.’ The inverted pentagram is often thought to symbolize negative forces such as Satanism, demons or evil in general, not least owing to the use of it in numerous Hollywood horror movies over the years!

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Some schools of Wiccan thought state that a pentacle is the five-pointed star with a circle enclosing it, and the pentagram is simply the five-pointed star by itself.The base symbol is the five-pointed star, which can be drawn non-stop without lifting pen from paper. For many Wiccans and Pagans the pentagram is a symbol that represents magic and magical workings as a whole.For others it’s used as a talisman, a connection to the divine, to open and close circles and a myriad of other ritual uses.Then find the books, jewelry and Please continue by selecting a category to find the truth about who we really are.

Learn the facts from those who follow these paths instead of being misguided by Hollywood or those who perpetuate unfounded superstition because of their own fears.

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