Online dating for short guys

22-Feb-2020 10:33

According to Malcolm Gladwell’s book, “Blink,” it is estimated that an inch of height is worth an extra 9 a year in salary.This means that a man who is the same height as the average Fortune 500 CEO will likely earn ,890 more a year than I would for the same job.I spent my young life being told that our pediatrician estimated I’d end up making it to 5’6”, maybe 5’8” if I was lucky, which was still short, but not comically so.But it turned out that quack was way off and I stopped gaining inches not long after my 13th birthday.

Whenever I’ve talked to female friends about this reality, the following conversation has inevitably occurred: Me: Women don’t like dating short men. I bet there are a lot of women out there who love short guys. And, of course, there are exceptions to this rule that people love to bring up to dispute this thesis. Because of this perception, taller children get more chances to develop the social skills that become crucial during such adult activities as entering the workforce and securing booty calls.It was Grade Eight and I had permanently reached my lifelong summit of 5’2” — just three inches above the official medical classification of dwarf or little person.