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The Milton Bradley Company was an American board game manufacturer established by Milton Bradley in Springfield, Massachusetts, in 1860.In 1920, it absorbed the game production of Mc Loughlin Brothers, formerly the largest game manufacturer in the United States. In 1860, Milton Bradley moved to Springfield, Massachusetts, and set up the state's first color lithography shop.When Milton Bradley died in 1911, the company was passed to Robert Ellis, who passed it to Bradley's son-in-law Robert Ingersoll, who eventually passed it to George Tapley's son, William.In 1920, Bradley bought out Mc Loughlin Brothers, which went out of business after John Mc Loughlin's death.Deeply invested in the cause, his company began manufacturing educational items such as colored papers and paints. He gave these materials away free of charge, which cost them.Due to the recession of the late 1870s, his investors told him either his kindergarten work must go or they would go. His friend George Tapley bought the interest of the lost investors and took over as president of the Milton Bradley Company.Milton Bradley continued producing games, particularly parlor games played by adults.They produced "Visit to the Gypsies," "Word Gardening," "Happy Days in Old New England," and "Fortune Telling." They also created jigsaw puzzles of wrecked vehicles, which were popular among young boys.

Milton Bradley did not stop creating board games, although they did cut their line from 410 titles to 150.

He began a major renovation of the Milton Bradley plant by burning old inventory that had been accumulating since the turn of the century.

With the outbreak of World War II, Milton Bradley started producing a universal joint created by Shea used on the landing gear of fighter planes.

The company's educational supplies turned out to be a large portion of their income at the turn of the century.

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They produced supplies any grade school teacher could use, such as toy money, multiplication sticks, and movable clock dials.Froebel stated that through education children learn and develops through creative activities.

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