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20-Apr-2020 21:08

I recently started hanging out with a great group of friends. All of us are looking for love and want to STOP being single.They call themselves a singles group but the core of the group is a bunch of people that enjoy hanging out together as friends. I hung out with a couple of those friends on Friday night.We spend time talking and we also spend time just having as much fun as we possibly can!On Sunday I had to spend the day at home by myself because I had a lot of work to catch up on.As a result, recent years have seen a rise in single-lady-friendly lit, with uplifting titles affirming the pleasures of life uncoupled, including the 2011 book (Crown, ) by Kate Bolick, author of the 2011 viral Atlantic article “All the Single Ladies.” I read Spinster and, while Bolick is a spectacular mind and first-rate writer, it gave me zero solace.I’d hoped to find war stories from a fellow PSB struggling with the garbage part of long-term singlehood: loneliness.

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I know when I go back to work on Monday and find myself so busy that I don’t have time to even think about my singleness, I’ll be fine.But on these days where I am alone and lost in my thoughts, I’m truly afraid of this single life I’m in.I don’t feel like I belong here and I am not sure what the roadmap is to find my way out.Either I’m too picky or my profile is not appealing enough. I’ve tried joining a lot of sites thinking that would help. I’ve tried changing up my pictures and re-writing my profile. I wish I knew what I should do differently so I could feel like I’m moving forward in this dating process.

In my quest to find a healthy and fulfilling relationship I think I would feel a lot better if I was at least going out on dates.” Right eye slightly a-twitch, I say, “Just one.” Sometimes I contemplate lying, “Oh, two, please!