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21-Dec-2019 10:43

Number three is, you will likely then attract predators like sharks to blood or at the very least some leeches and lazy lions who don’t make an effort or maybe they’re emotionally unavailable or they’re not really doing much in life and either they expect you to do for them or they shame you for doing well for yourself or they show you that you don’t matter in some way like they don’t make time or they just don’t treat you in an honorable way because those kinds of people just can’t appreciate you and your value. If you accept those kinds of people and that kind of treatment, you’re going to feel even worse about yourself, you’re going to accept even less from others, and you’re going to accept less effort, less value, less investment.And by number five, you feel stuck or you feel a sense of inertia to get out of the relationship and be alone again.On Saturday evening I hung out with a bigger group of friends from our singles group. We had a lot of fun hanging out and talking and then listening to a local band play.On nights like this I think to myself — I can handle the single life. I have to confess, though, that this feeling of being okay with my single life didn’t last long.And the common mistake is that people get back out into dating too soon.

This can apply to meeting new friends as well so keep that in mind.Here’s the thing, the fear of loneliness is actually much worse than the loneliness itself.