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05-May-2020 16:08

(She aspires to be an author, if you couldn't tell by her theatrical use of words). She better still have her lion of a dog, who means more than the world to her, living with you.

She swears at this point in time she'll discover immortality just for him.

Dear future husband, This letter is most possibly the cheesiest thing I will ever write.

I don't lack that self-awareness, trust me, and I know jotting down phantom messages to a one-day ghost is an odd thing to get up to in one's spare time.

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I like computer games, the subreddit with oddly specific stuff, rabbits, chocolate milk, snow, spooky things and long conversations." That, or questioning in this moment why you agreed to marry me in the first place. That answer if simple: Because I want to put it out there. To solidify to myself, the the stars, to whatever oddly cosmic forces there may be (Cthulu, holla' back pls) that these words, or more aptly what they mean has come true, will one day find you. I am so fortunate, I'll know as I write this, because one day I will get to learn all these things that make you up for the very first time. For one, she better have quit this god forsaken job and go after what she wants.Even if it fails, which I'm sure you'll know all about, she can say it happened.Please be single if you decide to contact me, I prefer my bizarre love triangles to be in the form of song. I’m a 25 year old woman in the US looking for...someone.

I guess I’ll lead with possibly the most off-putting part about me so as to not waste your time. Now, I bet you’re asking why is a married woman posting on r4r looking for someone? This year, my “husband,” or “ex,” if you will, informed me that he would rather be friends...still married, but .... No decisions have been made on how we will proceed. It’s been a long time since I’ve known a genuinely nice person with whom I’ve had a real connection with in my life. Given my situation, I can’t say that I’m looking to be in a serious committed relationship or anything right now, but I am looking for a connection.

I'm interested in long back and forth messages, texting until forever and voice calls.

To use video chat simply allow your webcam and then you will be viewable by everyone in the video chat.… continue reading »

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