List of expiration dating of drug patents

10-Oct-2020 05:14

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Patent protection is their window to profit from their investments and to plow some of that money back into developing new treatments.

This system of incentives keeps the biotechnology innovation engine churning, rather than allowing it to milk cash-cow drugs forever.

Creative Commons and the Internet Archive recently sponsored a public-domain-themed bash in San Francisco to celebrate Public Domain Day, featuring keynote speeches by Harvard and Berkeley intellectual property law professors accompanied by lightning talks and panels devoted to the newly available works.

Our vision is to see a similar event in Cambridge, Mass., celebrating the drugs whose patent protections are set to expire this year, perhaps with their creators recounting stories about how they were developed, physicians giving their clinical perspectives, and patients sharing how these medications changed their lives.

On Public Domain Day, it might even be fair to mourn drugs for which companies have engaged in diabolical schemes to delay the entry of their inventions into the public domain without justification (which is to say that some delays are justified, such as when a drug is meaningfully improved).Then, if one adds 20 years to this date, taking into account the one-year period of priority ("20 1"), one gets an approximate idea of when the same patent granted for the same drug in other countries will expire - since those patents for the same invention should have been filed within the one-year priority period.As from this expiry date of the substance patent, copies of the basic substance of this drug may be produced, although other patents may protect a manufacturing process, a formulation or an indication.As the result of some complicated legislative history, Public Domain Day will now occur every Jan. After that, works published by authors who died 70 years earlier will enter the public domain each year.

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This means that every year from now on we will receive an open-access treasure trove of works published years earlier, free for readers and creators.

advertisement In the arts world, from this year’s Public Domain Day on, all works of literature published for the first time in the United States in 1923 are now free for creators to innovate upon.