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Meredith tells Derek that her roommates are her family and he's not kicking them out. George is set to retake his intern exam but helps Webber with a flood in the hospital caused by a burst pipe.

Webber stays late to serve as a proctor so that George can take his exam.

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They get into a fight and Hahn says that Callie is not a lesbian and then she walks away. She talks to a Navaho man who says she needs to burn anything that belongs to him.

She has Alex burn the sweater she'd made for him, but she can still see him. Denny tells Izzie that he's real and they have sex.

Izzie gets called to the hospital and doesn't want to leave because she's afraid Denny won't be there when she gets back, but he promises he will.

Callie has sex with Mark twice and likes it just as much as with Hahn. Owen Hunt begins work at the hospital and at first Cristina hides from him, but when he sees her, it seems he doesn't remember her. Derek finds a box full of Meredith's mom's diaries.

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Later she asks him and he says that there were twenty in his unit that went to Iraq. Izzie has to work on the man who'd she'd stolen Denny's heart from.He tells Cristina about the field and says she would be a good trauma surgeon. Izzie sees Alex with a girl in his room and is upset.

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