Lady chatterley sex scenes 2013

02-Nov-2019 01:10

He spends every waking moment at the office, and when he comes home, he takes his laptop and i-phone to bed with him. She wants to feel wanted and beautiful, she wants to feel like she matters to someone, and when she sees a sexy trainer at the gym – Mr.

Even worse, they haven’t had sex in weeks, and when Connie tries to make a move, Chris loses his er… HTFU (Harder The F*ck Up), it’s suddenly him that she’s fantasising about in the shower. This story is a retelling of Lady Chatterley’s lover, a book that I have always wondered about but never read.

Cliff is a tech nerd hottie who is starting up a major social networking site, and while he sure does love Connie, he has no time for her and no interest in sex any more. This is an interesting start, and more erotic than I anticipated, but with some real meat to it also.

So when Connie meets Mellors by chance at the local gym, her sex starved body is immediately attracted to his obvious virility. He's a hard character to connect with, because he doesn't speak much in this installment. I would actually recommend this to readers who have never even read the original Lady Chatterly's story.

Poor Connie was basically ignored by Cliff while he was doing major work to make his company a global name, and having left New York and her whole life behind for him, Connie had nothing to occupy her time.

Even worse was the fact that even when she put in the effort and tried to spend time with him, or took an opportunity to try and make love with him, he ultimately…. And their passions were brought to an untimely end.

Connie cannot seem to get Cliff to get his eyes away from his phone and Ivy, his tech-but-hot-assistant, is always around.

Thanks to Pocket Star and Edelweiss.)The last thing Connie Chatterly was expecting at her graduation party was for her boyfriend to announce that his company needed to move to Silicon Valley, and that he wanted her to go with him.