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20-Nov-2019 03:13

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"If the rejected party decides that his or her feelings are hurt, that is their choice." When it comes to rejecting someone, there's really no need to make excuses, put it off, or feel bad about it.Rejecting someone isn't fun, but as long as you're honest and clear, you've done your part.I mean, how many times have you started or even ended a rejection with an, "I'm sorry"?But according to a new study published in the journal , your good natured attempts at trying to make someone feel better during rejection might actually make them feel worse.Researchers conducted two follow-up experiments and found that not only do rejected people feel worse after being given a "pity" apology, they're also likely to feel like they have to forgive the rejector before they're ready.One experiment even found that hidden feelings of resentment may even cause the rejected to seek out subtle forms of revenge.You're not responsible for anyone else's feelings but your own.You can't control what other people are going to think or how they're going to react to what you tell them.

Gili Freedman was more interested in examining the rejector.Nobody designed a simple "Build-Break-Build" method to let someone down, which goes like this: "I had a nice time with you tonight. I don't feel like there was a romantic connection between us, and I'm sure you felt the same way (the Break). Thank you for making me laugh and feel comfortable with you (the final Build-up)."So you ease into the conversation with a build-up like a compliment, you break it to them gently, and you end the conversation with another build-up.

"I mean, who really has one entrée at a buffet in Las Vegas, right? So you date around and tell people you're "keeping your options open." You avoid sticking official boyfriend/girlfriend labels on any so-called relationship you're involved in -- even if that's exactly what you want from this person.… continue reading »

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A tracker tells your download client where to get pieces of the download from other Wo W clients that happen to be connected at the time you…… continue reading »

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