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04-Apr-2020 20:46

' Because it was very important for them to be comfortable with me dating, but also dating on-camera and have a show that they would be watching."Gosselin continued: "They, you know, ask questions like, ' Well that can be weird?' And we walked through it, and I said: ' You know my commitment was to them in that they could watch it. Now I'm a parent of eight kids with all of the social media and technology, and honestly, it was like I didn't even have times of reflecting back because that information was all but useless to me."It was like two different people dating and that's what was so scary because it was like completely new and super scary with a lot of pressure on me to get it right this time for the sake of myself and my kids, so it was very intimidating.But how do the sextuplets — Aaden, Alexis, Collin, Joel, Hannah, and Leah — feel about their mom's dating escapades? In fact, Kate says that during the episodes, she's frequently Snapchatting and laughing with them, and they each have their own opinions on the bachelors.was something she felt comfortable having her younger kids watch, she intentionally left her 15-year-olds out of the series.If there's anyone who knows how stressful, awkward, and yet fun it can be to get back in the dating game after divorce, it's Kate Gosselin.The 44-year-old mom-of-eight, who starred with her ex-husband, Jon Gosselin, in the TLC reality series As she tells Good Housekeeping.com, she had only been on "two or three dates" since filing for divorce from Jon in 2009.It wouldn't be something that was inappropriate for them. Extremely intimidating."When it comes to what she looks for in a partner now, Gosselin admits that she was asked the question "gazillions of times" while filming the reality show and she couldn't come up with an answer."I think honestly you have to watch the show to figure out why because I had to figure out why and to see that part of the journey as well as all the other things that went into it that made it a journey," she explained.It would be something I'd feel good about or I never would have done the show.'"And when they realized that and you know I've kept my word on that and I think it's a very family-friendly positive show that I think a lot of people can get something out of — my kids were good with it."'90 DAY FIANCE' STARS RUSS AND PAOLA ON BRUSHING OFF THE HATERSGosselin admitted that after being divorced for a decade, going on dates again was "extremely intimidating.""It was completely different. I couldn't even take any [of the] things I had learned from dating back when I was 20-something," she shared. Of getting married again, Gosselin said: "I don't like the ' M' word.

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"It was kind of like online dating creeps me out," she admitted. It's real guys that are really single," Gosselin explained of the show, adding that her "only worry" was if people would actually sign up for it."I was willing, but we found some [men], and the truth is it ended up being so much more than just a dating show," she explained."I knew I was a guarded person, and untrusting and a huge thing that came out to me was So, was season one a success?Kate teases that it was "for a number of different reasons" (wink, wink).CHRISTINA ANSTEAD ON FINDING THE ONE AGAIN IN HUSBAND ANT FOLLOWING DIVORCE"My kids have talked about it probably, over the years, more than I have," she revealed. It's a topic that comes up more than people probably would realize, and they want me to be happy and they don't want me to be alone."The talks became more serious "in the last year or two," when Mady and Cara's high school graduation was fast-approaching, ultimately, making the Gosselin brood realize they're all eventually going to leave home."That's what really started us talking about it a lot," the TLC personality explained.

"And of course, the concept of a dating show, I obviously went to them and said: ' Hey, how would you feel about it?

Realizing that there were many single parents out there in her position, she pitched the dating show idea to TLC. "I thought I would kind of take one for the team and experience all the amazing awkwardness, excitement, and learnings that it all takes," Kate says.

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