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Its leader Busuttil said the Nationalists “will consider initiating a referendum to repeal the bill,” and said once in office will immediately revoke the ruling amendment.’Novilist/Hungary: ‘Malta sells citizenship for 650,000 euros – given that Malta is in the Schengen area and has visa-free travel to the United States for up to 90 days, this offer will be tempting to many’TV2/Denmark: Headline says ‘Offers for the rich – buy citizenship of EU member state.‘ The lead-in says ‘If you have the money then you can buy citizenship of a Mediterranean island and EU member state, Malta, and thus a gateway to all countries in the Schengen area, including Denmark’Frankfurter Allgemeine, Sat 16 Nov: the headline says ‘Malta traffics in human beings’. Meeting people as a millennial in the Midwest is harder — or easier. Minnesotans are notorious for keeping others, particularly non-Minnesotans, at arm’s length.They’re not cold (the winters are cold enough), but you won’t beat anyone away with a stick if you’re enjoying a craft beer by yourself at a bar.The Maltese government is expected to bring in 30 million euros (240 million yuan) in revenue from this.The law is heavily criticised by the Opposition Kuomintang as a fire-sale of Maltese citizenship.Users browse people’s bios (mainly photos) and swipe left or right (“no” or “yes,” respectively) to match with strangers nearby.

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Come on.’Die Welt/Germany: ‘Rich foreigners from outside the EU will be able to buy citizenship of Malta for 650,000 euros after the president of that country signed a law to this effect.

In the federal government there is resistance.’Apple Daily/Taiwan: “Small Mediterranean country Malta Government announced today that the future of Malta passports will be sold to foreigners, an asking price of about 650,000 euros (about NT $ 25 million yuan).

Malta Government indicated that, with the passport, you can swim in the EU 28 countries.”Corriere della Sera/Italy: ‘Malta, citizenship on sale for 650,000 euros.

It has put forward its own amendments relating to investment and residence in the country, and considers a referendum to repeal the law., which it says it will cancel if elected.’Qoos/China: ‘Sale of Maltese citizenship provokes controversy – the president has signed the bill making it possible for non-EU nationals to buy Maltese citizenship for 650,000 euros (about 5.2 million yuan) but it has sparked intense controversy at home and abroad.

Three hundred buyers are expected annually and 45 are waiting already.’Radio Free Asia/Mandarin edition: ‘Malta passport price is 650,000 euros – small country generates wealth.’ The article says: ‘The Malta government has passed new laws which allow wealthy foreigners like Russians and Chinese to buy Maltese nationality.

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