Is leonardo dicaprio still dating bar refaeli 2016

16-Dec-2019 16:13

The actor too, has nothing but praise for the actress, saying: “I cried on her shoulder many times as we found the demands of filming under the director James Cameron so tough. The actress dated the star back in 1998 when she was still a teenager – he even helped bag her a role in Black And White, after he introduced her to the film’s director.Eva Herzigova met Leo at a party following the Paris premiere of The Man In The Iron Mask.FYI – Bridget was Leo’s first foray with a Victoria’s Secret model. Well, Leo bagged himself one of the blonde twins circa 1994.Brittany Daniel (aka Jessica Wakefield) appeared with a young Leo in The Basketball Diaries, filming a scene where her character seduced him.

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“I can’t wait to see her at the end of the day,” he said. ” Apparently the pair split up because Kristen couldn’t cope with a relationship in the limelight, but she and Leo are still good friends.Claire Danes was famously Juliet to Leo’s Romeo so we HAD to include her in his ladies list.