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08-Dec-2019 10:22

Approved Used warranties tend to be offered only on the make of car the franchised dealer represents.Other makes of car will still usually be offered with a warranty but it may not be as comprehensive, so always check.Buy a used car from a manufacturer franchised dealer and the warranties are likely to be similarly extensive – only excluding repairs to things like the exhaust, wheels and battery.Most non-franchise independent used car dealers offer a three-month warranty as a guarantee when they sell a car, while many offer extended warranties at extra cost.When you buy a used car that's out of its warranty period, dealers will usually offer an extended warranty.Franchised dealers will tend to offer an Approved Used warranty that is promoted by the manufacturer and often comes as part of the deal.Buy from a manufacturer’s approved used program and a warranty of some length should also be provided.

How much of the repair costs are covered depends on the policy and the claim limit.

What's more, extended warranty companies have age restrictions on cars.