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There's a reason you're paying 0 for 00 worth of stuff... Electronics, computer stuff, health and beauty all sell very well.Stay away from off brand electronics, buy what's trending.Our bulk deals are only sold by the pallet or truckload.

With virtually unlimited reporting capabilities you will be able to track collection results anytime and from anywhere with your secure internet connection.

I've lucked out and got a 0 graphics card logged as that but that was a 1 in million chance, don't base your purchases off the MSRP they claim because it's not realistic, a Xbox one game on e Bay will probably be manifested as a 59.99 game which is true when it was released but not on the current market.

Keep a spreadsheet and add up what you can make off an auction by averaging sold auction on e Bay.

We sell our merchandise for pennies on the wholesale dollar which means that you are paying so below wholesale, that there is so much room for you to make profits.

Most of our Closeout Deals and Liquidations are sold in bulk.

I've had no issues and plan to continue purchasing pallets and boxes from I paid 750$ plus tax and other fees which total 906$. Most of them locked and looked nothing like the stock photo. Wouldn’t it been honest to show a stock photo of a salvaged i Phone rather than an i Phone in a box saying this is what the i Phones look like. What about Buy Back saying the i Phones are factory and GSM unlocked.