History of online dating

08-Jul-2020 05:05

Two trends have emerged: traditional dating sites with a generalist and wide population and niche dating sites geared towards more atypical and specific audiences.

Here are some of the more interesting picks: Although there is no shortage of options when it comes to online dating the market is mainly dominated by the big players, but market size does not necessarily equate with favorite as these studies from show: Match group owns the lion’s share of online dating, but the group’s strength resides mainly in the US and other Anglo-Saxon countries.

However, did you know that the origin of ‘online dating’ predates the internet era?

The origin of online dating started in 1959 when two Stanford University students used a questionnaire and an IBM terminal to match 49 men and women.

Online dating has been growing exponentially over the past few years.

Human intervention will always be needed, especially when judging sensitive issues that delve into the emotional and psychological spectrum. Finding your match based on predetermined factors is not enough, there are other factors in play such as psychological issues, first impressions and fake information.In order to reach a point where audiences felt comfortable using these apps, the Et3arraf team focused on getting users’ feedback and perspectives even when harsh and negative.