Ghetto dating

30-Oct-2020 05:31

OK, for a minute there, I wondered if I was the only one.Call ’em what you will, butches, studs, all that bomb sh*t, and call SGPL and its current author what you will, mean, ignant, whatever, but we’re gonna keep it funky here for a moment and go in: the hood and lesbians go hand in hand.Trust, it’s no coincidence that Snoop Pearson was a fan favorite on The Wire.These are the girls who were reaching for the Tonka trucks instead of the Barbies at Toys R Us.That mud duck could be a super-ten on some lonely night…might even be worth some money!One never knows when a diamond is uncovered in the rough.And I don’t buy that one is expanding his mind when he’s doing dummy moves to begin with (the drink of choice being Thunderbird spiked with a Kool-Aid packet doesn’t help his case). Cell phones, business cards, little scraps of paper and pens are always kept ready–maybe even the old school little black book–for that phone number that will make a day. Hey, closed mouths don’t get fed, but it is a good idea to curb that hunger depending on situations.

Sounding just ignernt…yep, spelled just like that, not ignorant, but ignernt. Some people really have a NASCAR oval track their brain makes left turns in. Whatever bullsh*t their mama or their little friends introduced to them is all they know, and they’re content with it, and actually have the nerve to dis things they’re unfamiliar with! Meets a dude that uses fairly polite terminology, keeps a pretty clean diet, knows some other things he’s willing to teach her.This is how one hears things like Asians being all called Chinese, Latinos being all labeled Mexicans who eat beans and tacos, all Black people with “dreads” being called Jamaicans and asked if they have any weed to smoke, all Muslims being labeled terrorist A-rabs that threaten their good Christian sensibilities, and more… Snitching is a huge ghetto crisis, but bigotry and prejudice (not brought forth by police, that is), that’s cool!These are people whose horizons and minds you can’t expand to save your life…even if you’re buying! They have a life-tose intolerance, they just ain’t digesting much (unless it’s pork).It can easily be like this at the hood Chili’s, hood Applebee’s, hood Bennigan’s, what have you…but ALL T. Something ain’t right about the cat having the alcohol dragon behind you in the checkout at the supermarket…at 9 in the frickin’ morning.

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Something ain’t right if you’re drinking before driving the kids to school, then having them drive you to the store to reload the clip on the way home so you don’t catch a DUI rap.As far as interest in international travel, the ghetto person is probably the one who speaks of Africa like it’s a country, or maybe that dude who wants to go to Brazil only because he thinks a porno shoot will break out when he leaves the airport. Other features of the decor make you think a barber pole just threw up on its walls and tables after having too many Friday’s drinks.