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Even though resume from suspend worked with the prepackaged Xandros, I couldn’t get it to work with any *buntu flavor, and I’d heard it would work out of the box with Mandriva.

When I try to wake up the computer with a keystroke, nothing happens.

But Mandriva’s GParted, for some reason, doesn’t let you create FAT32 or non-Linux partitions (I’m sure there are packages that could be installed that could add that support—I had no idea what those were).

For a quick fix, since it was nearby, I opened up my wife’s Macbook Pro and used the Mac Disk Utility to erase the Sansa Clip drive and format it as FAT.

Some pictures, like this one, turned out quite nicely! (A blast from the past: this was taken back in May of 2006, when I was still in my mid-20s. Until now I didn't have the software to properly edit this picture.) From my Lomography set (read about the process on the Set description).

See more pictures from my trip to Vancouver: Cruising the shadows on the back streets of Manhattan. I was born a city girl, but tonight, feeling the urban pulse and throb like the music of the jungle, I snake my way down Broadway using my body in a swaying slinky swing, daring to be noticed, a thousand eyes caressing my body with every step I take. This photo is a rework of one taken on 9 October 2008." Poor Cinders; it appears the ugly sisters are going to the ball, leaving you at home to scrub the dishes and sweep the floor.

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It wouldn’t show a little display on the screen saying it was connected to a computer.

If I press the power button quickly, it looks as if it’s about to wake up but then shuts down completely.