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Beyond skin tone, other characteristics are used to distinguish one group of people from another.

These include straight versus curly hair, thickness of lips, and the shape of eyelids.

However, evolution has been used as a justification for racism. In fact, the genetic difference between any two people is only about one-tenth of one percent, trivial at best.

The late Harvard professor Stephen Jay Gould said, “Biological arguments for racism may have been common before 1859 [the year Darwin’s On the Origin of Species was published], but they increased by orders of magnitude following the acceptance of evolutionary theory.” Evolutionary ideas about the races, taught for many decades, are now so ingrained in some people’s thinking that it is nigh impossible to correct their misperceptions. Interestingly, genetic variation among people within a particular ethnic group is often greater than between members of different ethnic groups! Because of this birth, He was able to serve as our Redeemer. He overcame death, and those who put their faith and trust in Him need not fear death, for they inherit eternal life.

Some have even said that the term race is meaningless. The idea of races calls us to ask a serious question: if there are different races, then which race did Christ die for? The passage masterfully highlights one central message: “God remembered Noah.” Along with in-depth articles on the Flood, this issue shows biblical and historical evidences of Christ’s Resurrection, new discoveries about the miracle of a butterfly’s metamorphosis and much more!

The most prominent view of origins today is called evolution.

According to the evolutionary worldview, humans evolved from an apelike ancestor over millions of years.

At the Time of Eclipse, the Ascendant will be Cancer at 15 degree 8 minutes.

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Both ascendant and Sun will be passing through Pushya Nakshatra. Then He created the first woman, Eve, from the man’s side.

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