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Other family celebrations include birth, baptism, birthdays and anniversaries, on most of these occasions there is always ‘the cake’.There are many wedding traditions and customs which are still observed today.A forced marriage is a union that takes place without the full or free consent of one or more of the parties involved.This occurs due to threats, deception or coercion and often one or both of the people don't understand what entering into a marriage means.Weddings have ‘rigidified and codified not just (the) marriage ritual, but notions of masculinity and femininity as well’.In the face of enormous social change, the ideal of the white wedding has survived relatively unscathed in twentieth century Australia…The White wedding began to shift from a matter of fashion, performed by a minority, to a precise and compelling set of notions about right and proper behaviour for men and women, and society at large.O'Neil also said in a speech in early June that Labor could create a Forced Marriage Protection Order to provide civil protection against forced marriage for all victims regardless of their age."I’m excited to announce ...

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From what we know, The Australian Federal Police received 49 referrals in the 2017/18 reporting year which was an increase since forced marriage was criminalised in 2013. It is believed many more people are victims of forced marriage than statistics suggest.She told ten daily that without a place to say, victims are less likely to leave a forced marriage.