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For example, it can be quite complicated, and common, for a foreigner to come to South America, hook up with a local, meet their family and friends, and leave a few weeks later without considering that the local might be taking the hookup as the beginning of a serious relationship and might feel very deceived.We need to talk clearly about ourselves and intentions in these kids of relationships. Woman C: I moved to Nicaragua in September 2015 for work. Woman B: I moved to East Africa five years ago to work for a local health nonprofit for a year.Woman C: I have been dating an expat who is really cool and here for at least a year.He’s new to Nicaragua though, so he still has some of that “freshman” attitude that I’ve just described, but other than that, he’s very pleasant and smart and engaged.Woman A: I couldn't choose — it is such a different experience.

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Locals I think tended to be a lot more conservative.

With my partner, who is a local, it took a long time for us to be on the same page in talking about what we wanted and what we thought about sex. That was very surprising to me given the stereotype of a "Latin lover." Woman B: Maybe this was totally naive, but I didn't expect the social scene in general — at least, the part of it that was most familiar to me — to be so insular and focused on other expats, mostly Europeans who were in the region working for governments or NGOs on aid projects.

People would spend all day in the field or in offices working with locals, and then at night would go to dinner or parties with only other expats, who were mostly white.

They've had mixed experiences — in the city where I live, many of the men on dating apps seem to be cheating on their wives and [app use is] somewhat looked down on, but some have used apps successfully to meet people and start friendships in a new city and country.

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I've heard that it's easier and more fun in other cities. Where I was, Internet was barely reliable enough to check email. S., I had Tinder, Bumble, and the League, but I don't use any in Nicaragua. There are plenty of people on it, but it doesn’t exactly scream quality dating culture.

I get frustrated by the conservatism and machismo associated with dating in South America, but there is also an emphasis on romance and really celebrating when you've found someone you love that I think it amazing. people are so often just not willing or able to invest in relationships in aid-focused expat communities. I’m not really a casual sex person, so I’m looking for someone who I at least enjoy being around and who can stimulate me intellectually.

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