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29-Oct-2019 18:58

In Excel, it's stored and shown as 1234567.89012345 (this is shown in the formula bar and in the cell).If you set the cell to a number format so that all digits are shown (instead of a scientific format, such as 1.23457E 06), you'll see that the number is displayed as 1234567.890123450.

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You can use Solver when you need to find the optimum value for a particular cell by adjusting the values of several cells or when you want to apply specific limitations to one or more of the values in the calculation.Iteration is the repeated recalculation of a worksheet until a specific numeric condition is met.Excel cannot automatically calculate a formula that refers to the cell — either directly or indirectly — that contains the formula. If a formula refers back to one of its own cells, you must determine how many times the formula should recalculate. However, you can control the maximum number of iterations and the amount of acceptable change.Precision in Excel means that any number exceeding 15 digits is stored and shown with only 15 digits of precision.

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Those digits can be in any combination before or after the decimal point.

If you later choose to calculate with full precision, the original underlying values cannot be restored.

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