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Thus, the main body of your macro can do its work behind the scenes without the necessity of stopping to update the screen.is your source for cost-effective Microsoft Excel training.

"Type Name(Selection)" 5) There isn't an option named "Optionj Upper" but the code still work. It should have been "Option Upper" 6) What is "Str Conv"? Has Formula Then" What does it mean If a cell has formula it gets "TRUE" (Has Formula) but "NOT" confuses me here. Screen Updating = False" is used at the start of many subroutines, especially ones that may take several seconds or more, to turn off Excel's normal action of showing changes after each instruction in the macro. Near the end of the subroutine there should be the companion statement "Application. Hide" makes the dialog called "User Form1" with the 3 options and 2 buttons in this case, disappear (hide from view). In this case, it is checking whether the selection is indeed a range of cell before proceeding (it could be nothing or some other object and then the macro would not apply.) This is a good safety check rather than assuming the user has selected a range of cells. "Selection" is a built-in Excel variable to refer to whatever the user has selected when the macro was started. 10) What's the difference between Visual Basic Functions and Visual Basic Statements (Methods) as usage? 3) By "Dim cell As Range" cell is created as Range-type variable. Value, vb Upper Case" or "For Each Range In Work Range" There is no word for defining cells the word "range" The word "range" is used to do that as far as I know.

For that, I post and update a userform for each step with a text message with the elapsed time, the number and name of each step, and a progress bar. Also, if the program quits, a screen snapshot tells me where the macros quit working on that user's computer. Don't use "Exit Sub", instead use "Go To End Of Macro" and place this code before "End Sub". Screen Updating = True The same goes for all you do with "Application.***" A simple and less involved method of providing progress updates would be to use the following line of code in the macro: Application. Prior to "End Sub", place this last line of code: Application. Screen Updating = False, the statusbar will change.] This does the side effect that it looks as though Excel has "hung" or crashed, especially if the macros is going to take some time to execute.

For long macros I would advocate displaying a Userform saying "Please Wait" and for very long macros showing a progress bar or percentage complete, and maybe even a "Cancel" button to exit before completion.

I need to wait for 15-20 seconds until excel pulls the external web data.... Or is there any way if I could temporarily stop external web data connection Without closing file? In that case, I update the status bar message every time the code starts on the next sheet.

I also momentarily turn screen updating on and then off again to show each sheet as it processes.Use the built-in Help that comes with Excel/Access 2. A lot of VBA code can be acquired by using the Macro Recorder.