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24-Aug-2020 19:51

Bearing in mind how demanding it is for male-led courtship, a partner needs to have a substantial amount of cash, because Ecuadorian women need gallant treatment, good gifts and many other expensive things with which they emphasize their individuality and beauty.But, despite such demands, she always has many suitors who can satisfy all her whims and wishes, especially among foreign men. For her, he will become a friend, a husband, a lover and a partner.The character of the inhabitants of this country can be described literally in two words - pride and sluggishness.Any unfavorable situations and disputes are resolved in a very short time. That is why Ecuadorian women are the dream of any European man.Such a girl stands out for her soft, feminine character.

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Do not mind if decisions will be made for them by another person.

No one has the right to tell an Ecuador female what she should do and what is absolutely not.