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For the wife it may take her many months or years to train her husband to be a slave.

The training may involve many things the main one of which is getting the husband in the correct slave mindset.

Do not bother to offer your opinion because it is worthless. The fact remains that the only opinion and decision that counts is that of a bossy woman.

Controlling your clothing No need to worry about what style of clothes to buy or wear as this will all be controlled by the woman. It does not matter if you like the clothes or not, the only thing that matters is what she likes.

She will also make sure to have access to all your call records and the software will send her a copy of any text message you send others.

If your smart you will offer to do this before she tells you. Making You Ask Permission When you date a bossy women you will soon find yourself in a position that you will need ask her permission on everything before you are allowed to do it.

For the husband it is the ultimate commitment to become a slave.

For those married couples thinking of taking this style of marriage it is best to talk things over first.

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Serving and obeying as a true slave husband for many men is the best experience in a wife led marriage.Decisions One thing you will soon find about dating a bossy woman is that they make all the decisions about the relationship and even about the way you live your life.The fact is a bossy woman knows what is best for you and it is a good idea that you understand and accept that.For most it is the attraction of a strict and dominant woman.

These men feel the need and desire to obey a strict wife.

Cell Phone Tracking It wont be long after you get your new bossy girlfriend that she will install tracking software in your cell phone.