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20-Oct-2020 10:28

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Check out some of the worst and weirdest dating and sex apps out there – for when OKCupid just isn’t going to cut it.You might think you’re pretty good in bed, but if you’re someone who often wonders just how well you compare to others during sex, now you can check those crippling insecurities with Passion!It is as if rape and sexual assault were not a problem for women before they were free to prioritize their own lives over relationships—as if women’s satisfaction with non-committal sexual relationships has lead directly to men’s predatory behavior.

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But an even more sinister paternalism is contained within the ‘ portrayal of hookup culture: the idea that because young women feel free to engage in sexual interactions without the formalities of a relationship, they are subjecting themselves to sexual assault.

Molly Jane Knefel Antiquated ideas about women's sexuality are extremely damaging.