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18-Aug-2020 21:36

She is afraid of being left if she speaks her mind.Sooner rather than later, the man will be bored by her since she is a woman with no opinions, ideologies or interests.Ladies, if you don’t want to appear to be desperate, play a little bit hard to get – if a man is really interested in you, he will keep on making the effort to fit in with you.A confident women will believe that it is the man’s work to call the woman early in the relationship.The pressure from nosy aunties in miserable marriages coupled with the unsustainable payment of bills on a taxed salary can drive a woman to desperate measures.ALSO READ: Woman files for divorce claiming husband ‘too kind’ Add to this the inescapable biological urge to have a baby and the societal obligation to have a family and you have four years filled with drama for those to whom nuptials are nowhere in sight by the 26th birthday.She will always make herself free whenever she is approached to go out and she would rather reschedule vital things in her calendar in order to have that one crucial date with a man.For you guys this means pay more attention to the woman that is hard to pin down for a date, rather than the lady that will do anything to change her life to fit you in.

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Make sure you know the signs, before it is to late.Here are 20 pointers that a woman is desperate for a hubby: 1. Out goes the miniskirts and take-me-to-heaven heels. Drinking gets a ‘speed governor’ that confines wines to Sunday afternoons. She have submitted to full disclosure, like giving details of your salary and investments.