Define validating parking

01-May-2020 02:04

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While some parking facilities have moved toward an app-based payment approach, the majority continue to use a paper ticket method.

Another potential hole in the revenue-control system occurs when the ticket dispenser issues more than one ticket per vehicle.

For facilities that charge a fee for parking, it’s also important to understand some basic revenue-control procedures so you can ensure that they are being practiced.

Here’s a list of 10 items - ranging from things to do in your office to hands-on inspection to auditing - that will help you determine if your parking operator or manager is taking the necessary steps to run a safe, efficient parking facility.

Is it the always-clean glass entry doors with logo-embossed doormats?

In many cases, it’s the parking garage that provides first impressions to your building tenants and guests.

These wash-downs are done to remove salt and to clean the floors.

Salt is prevalent in locations along the coast and in areas with snow and ice.

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An accounts receivable report should also be submitted by the operator on a monthly basis.In many cases, management and maintenance of the structure are outsourced to a professional parking operator.If this is your situation, you should regularly walk through the structure with the parking manager to ensure your tenants’ first impressions of your building are positive, and to make sure the parking facility is receiving basic maintenance.A common way for tickets to be issued without a vehicle is to place a piece of metal in the lane to simulate a vehicle.

Loop detectors are typically embedded in the lanes to detect the metal in the vehicle.If access to the equipment is required afterhours, a spare key can be placed in a security bag and logged on each shift report.